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Waste is not waste until we waste it. A product of the same philosophy, Project Revamp is an upcycling initiative where our team repurposes and creates new outfits from pre-loved garments or production waste and surplus. We enable you to give your favourite pieces a second life; turn your clothes into wearable art as per your aesthetic.


We refashion your old favourites into completely new styles and revamp your wardrobe, however you want. A personal telephonic call with you, some reference pictures to understand your needs better, a little work and bags full of creativity later - we alter your clothes to give them a fresh look and a fabulous style that nobody else can match.


Whether you want some embroidery on your denim jacket, want to turn your old dress into a co-ord set, your mum's saree into a dress for her, extra fabric from a kurta into a baguette bag or your dad's shirts into a flattering fit for yourself - we do it all.

How we do it.

you look through your wardrobe

step 1.PNG

pick what you don't like

you decide what to turn it into

step 2.PNG

it could be anything

you fill the form

step 3.PNG

and tell us about yourself

we get in touch with you 

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over a call or a dm, anything that works for you

you send us your stuff

Project - Drawing 11795177268686828058_2.png

your stuff being the clothes you want revamped

we keep you posted every step of the way

Copy of Project - Drawing 1602854535027243184_2.png

while we figure out the design details

you tell us how you like the revamp

Copy of Copy of Project - Drawing 15336999940015986782_2.png

we'll make any further changes you ask us to make


Copy of Project - Drawing 11030649011212846790_2.png

we make the changes and ship it back to you