Clothes due for an Upgrade?

Waste is not waste until we waste it. A product of the same philosophy, Project Revamp is an upcycling initiative where our team repurposes and creates new outfits from pre-loved garments or production waste and surplus. We enable you to give your favourite pieces a second life; turn your clothes into wearable art as per your aesthetic.

We refashion your old favourites into completely new styles and revamp your wardrobe, however you want. A personal telephonic call with you, some reference pictures to understand your needs better, a little work and bags full of creativity later - we alter your clothes to give them a fresh look and a fabulous style that nobody else can match.

Whether you want some embroidery on your denim jacket, want to turn your old dress into a co-ord set, your mum's saree into a dress for her, extra fabric from a kurta into a baguette bag or your dad's shirts into a flattering fit for yourself - we do it all.

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