the Team

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Bhartendu Bhaskar

Bhaskar has been a diligent student all his life. From the age of six, he has been in hostels-St. Paul's Darjeeling, DPS Vasant Kunj, VIT Vellore and now, NUJS Kolkata. He helped launch an organization called Felicity Inc to help creators become more sustainable in the world.

Aarushi Shukla, VP, C by Felicity Inc.

Aarushi Shukla
Vice President - Content

Aarushi is the life of the party. She’s always making us laugh till our jaws hurt. She enjoys the company of people more than Netflix, and that extends into her exceptional ability to work with a team. She navigates through work with optimism and a smile, always.

Shreya Mitra, VP, C by Felicity Inc.

Shreya Mitra
Vice President - Production

Cheery, yet hardworking - Shreya, has been the guiding light through all of our projects. Her zeal for fashion drives her to go above and beyond the calls of duty, to help out and be there for us in every way humanly possible. Her peppy, enthusiastic presence is absolute sunshine.

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Sanandita Ghanty

Sanandita is one of the cheeriest people we know and her insane drive and dedication for getting her job done has our respect. Her passion related to ethical and sustainable fashion just goes to show nice people exist and the world isn’t all about corporates exploiting the needy to make money and it makes us hopeful.

Indrayudd Roy Chowdhury, VP, C by Felicity Inc.

Indrayudd Roy Chowdhury

Indrayudd, apart from being an enthusiastic favourite, is possibly the most judicious one in the team. He keeps us grounded with practicality when we think sky high, but also, helps us unlock key problem points with unparalleled strategies. From implementing all our whims for the website to making chaotic records into pretty excels, this boy is truly our knight in shining armour.

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Swarali Kore
Vice President - Design

Very disciplined and extremely strategic, Swarali Kore from Mumbai is our Design Director. When it comes to work on spot with the exact deliverables being perfect to the very core, one can trust Swarali with their eyes closed. Genuine and empathetic is the nature we all know her for in C, and being so we're simply proud to have her.

Rubba Kainat, VP, C by Felicity Inc.

Rubba Kainat
Vice President - Design

Rubba is a calm and composed person. She is best in her work and is full of life. Her dedication towards fashion is overwhelming. Be it giving creative ideas or writing interesting blogs, Rubba does it all with her whole heart.

Mandira Paul, VP, C by Felicity Inc.

Mandira Paul
Vice President - Marketing

Mandira is a person of experiments. From hobbies to food, she never hesitates to try anything new. She is a team player and always surprises herself by surpassing her own expectations. Passionate about fashion, theatre and Photography, she often blends her imagination to cater to her creative needs.

Mikhaila Gomes, VP, C by Felicity Inc.

Mikhaila Gomes
Vice President - Logistics

Mikhaila is as sweet as a full barrel of honey, and as efficient as a busy bee! Her immense dedication to her work translates into the delicate details in everything she does. She is always pushing her limits and is enthusiastic about exploring new things.